Dolphins video

Here's a video that was made by Jamie Simpson, our crew on the passage to Hawaii.  Several times we had dolphins riding our bow wave -- it's a really exhilarating experience, and we're glad Jamie caught this one on camera!

On Passage to Hawaii

IMG 061525 April 2011 | North Pacific

We departed Cabo San Lucas Saturday, midday. It already seems like a century ago. We are now 174 miles out into the ocean, toward Hawaii. We've had wind from zero to 30 knots, and lots of niggling little problems. Nobody's seasick, so that's good.

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On Passage to Hawaii, Part 2

IMG 062201 May 2011 | In the middle of the ocean
Sequoia's passage to Hawaii is now 8 2/3 days old, and Barbara, Jamie and I are truly in the middle of the big ocean. In that time, we have travelled 1222 nm, with 1424 remaining until we make landfall in Hilo on the NE corner of the big island of Hawaii. We have averaged 165nm/day so far, respectably better than our average speed crossing the South Pacific of 150nm/day.

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Passagemaking: An Exercise in Patience

IMG 062606 May 2011 | 547 miles east of Hilo, Hawaii
I'm not sure I'm psychologically cut out to be a passagemaker. I love to plan, and look forward to the next day or the next month or the next event. But on a long ocean passage, each day is more or less the same as the day before and the day after. To truly enjoy this succession of similar days, you have to focus on being in the present. You have to be satisfied to not look back and not look forward.

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Arrival in Hilo

IMG 0651-112 May 2011 | Hilo, Hawaii

We've arrived in Hilo! We realized about 36 hours before we arrived that we'd actually have to slow down so we wouldn't get here in the middle of the night.

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