Entering Mexico

02 san diego sunrise14 November 2010 | Off the Coast of Baja California

Our time in San Diego was packed to the gills with boat projects. We were very fortunate to have a friend there who lent us a car. We were able to make it to a selection of grocery stores, Target, Costco, Willy's Electronics, the Laundromat, West Marine, and a whole variety of other marine suppliers. Then it was just a question of fitting all that stuff into available places on the boat - not a trivial matter!

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Southbound down the Baja Coast

23 November 2010 | San Jose del Cabo, BCS, Mexico

When I last wrote, we were on our way from Ensenada south, along the coast of Baja California. We more or less followed the path of the "Baja HaHa," a rally of cruising sailboats that took place a couple of weeks before our own trip. Thus, we stopped, as they did, at Bahia de Tortugas (Turtle Bay) and at Magdalena Bay (or, as gringo cruisers say, "Mag Bay").

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Crossing to Mazatlan

04 December 2010 | Marina Mazatlan, Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico

When I last wrote, we had just arrived in San Jose del Cabo, a newish resort to the east of Cabo San Lucas. The moorage rates in that part of the world are breathtaking. For $44 a night, we got a slip. No electricity, no water. Bathroom and showers at least a mile away, along a dusty dirt track. If we had wanted (and been willing to pay for) electricity and water, plus be closer to the bathroom, we would have paid $110 per night. No thank you.

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Isla Isabela

Chacala, Nayarit
December 10, 2010

We arrived last night at this "picturesque fishing village" (-- Lonely Planet) but haven't yet been ashore. Looks like lots of tourists (or at least hopeful local entrepreneurs) have read the description - the palm-fringed beaches are lined with palapas (open air restaurants) waiting for the customers. The anchorage is a bit rolly here: some boats that have perhaps been here longer, have set two anchors, fore and aft. That way you're assured (assuming no bad weather) that your motion will be hobby horsing instead of cradle rocking. Hard to say which is worse. In any case we slept long and soundly last night, even with only one anchor.

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Chacala and Banderas Bay

December 24, 2010

When I last wrote, we had arrived at the little town of Chacala, after several delightful days spent at Isla Isabela. Chacala was a brief transition from the relative wildness of Isla Isabela to the tourist-centered environment of Banderas Bay (Puerto Vallarta) which was to come. At Isla Isabela, we saw courtship dances by blue-footed boobies. In Banderas Bay, we saw a television crew filming telenovelas (Mexican soap operas) amid plush resort surroundings. What a contrast!

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