Three Weeks (Or More) in Hilo

Ferns at Volcano National Park30 May 2011 | Hilo, Hawaii

Tomorrow we will have been in Hilo for three weeks. What's that you say? Could Hilo possibly be that interesting that there would be three weeks of stuff to do there? Well, yes and no. Here's some details.

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Westward Ho: Molokini, Lahaina, Honolua Bay

jim departure composite12 June 2011 | Maui, Hawaii

When I last wrote, we were still in Hilo, waiting for the trade winds to drop sufficiently that we could comfortably make passage across the Alenuihaha Channel to Maui. As it happens, now we are at the west end of Maui, waiting for the trade winds to drop sufficiently that we can comfortably make passage across the Pailolo Channel to Molokai. Hmmm… Something sounds familiar about this….
Here's a photo of our single-hander friend, Jim, as he's about to depart for Victoria, B.C.  Craig is ready to cast off his lines, but Jim took hours and hours to prepare -- very careful!  We departed ourselves, a few days later, but only for Maui.

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Molokai to Honolulu

19 June 2011 | Hawaii

Today is Fathers Day, and I’m thinking about my father (see photo, below), his enjoyment of sailing, and how much he would have liked to be part of our journey.fal001 edited-1

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Oahu to Kauai

01 July 2011 | Hawaii

Rainbow seen from the Hawaii Yacht ClubI’m sitting in “Da Fuel Dock” store, where they have a few washers and driers for the benefit of boats in the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor. Our laundry from the last week is merrily spinning around, biding its time until it next demands attention from me.

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