Heading south with Ian


In retrospect.  December, 2015Ians plane arrives in Gorge Harbour

It turns out that after that storm on Gorge Harbour, I completely dropped the ball on trip reports.  There continued to be pictures posted to Facebook, but that's it.  Now I'll make an attempt to bring the webpage up to date!

You'll recall that Mark and Fern weren't able to make their Saturday flight out of Gorge Harbour.  We assumed it was because the winds were too strong locally.  It turns out, though, that this was a massive storm up and down a wide area of the West Coast.  All Kenmore Air flights were grounded ("laked"?) in Seattle, where there were strong winds and an area-wide power outage.  Mark and Fern hiked up the hill repeatedly to get a cell signal so they could phone Kenmore Air, and were eventually told they couldn't get out until Tuesday because of the volume of passengers who had to be rescheduled.  We met Ian's plane on Sunday, and Mark and Fern talked with the pilot, who somehow managed to get them places on Monday's plane.

Gorge HarbourSo we spent a cozy 24 hours with the 5 of us on the the boat at the dock in Gorge Harbour.  We enjoyed the resort facilities (swimming pool, nice restaurant, well-stocked store, walks through the woods) and ended the evening with a big game of Hosenabe.Moon over Grace Harbour

Monday midday we said good-bye to Mark and Fern, and then we headed south to the well-protected anchorage in Grace Harbour.  The weather was still unsettled, so we spent the next day reading, watching the jellyfish in the water, and generally relaxing.

There were quite a few boats holed up in Gorge Harbour, and the wind did howl in the night, although at one point the moon came out and illuminated the whole harbor.

Exiting Gorge Harbour

The next morning we decided to head south to Westview, notwithstanding the still somewhat unsettled weather.  We enjoyed looking at the summer homes of the rich people as we exited into Malaspina Inlet.

We replenished our supplies in Westview, had a great Thai dinner, and then headed south the next morning in what appeared to be a sunny interlude.  That quickly evaporated and we found we were heading into a very threatening looking cloud bank to the south.  The weather report on the radio began to include warnings of high wind gusts and waterspouts.

Heading South from Westview 

We continued cautiously, and fortunately arrived without incident at Musket Island Marine Park, between Hardy Island and Nelson Island, where we had enjoyed several days on the way north.  The scenery at this location is simply to die for.  I'll put a couple of the splendid images I got -- Ian's are even better.

Next trip report.

MadronasPre-Dawn before our departure to Nanaimo