Planning, packing and heading out

August 9, 201520150809-P8092078

It's always a mad scramble to get the boat loaded up, whether for a weekend, a week or a month.  This time we're heading out for more than a month.  We know there will be grocery stores, but they won't always be convenient.  We want to carry as much as we decently can, having in mind Canadian customs regulations, space considerations and weight considerations.  This involves lists, and lists of lists.  I start with lists from last year's trip, and modify them, thinking about what we have on hand, what didn't work last time, what will be the wants and needs of ourselves and our guests, and how much space we think we'll have.

Mint is a successful keeper on the boat, lasting for weeks under refrigeration and supplying many good salads and mojitos....  Here's a photo of today's mint drying after a good rinse, ready to pack away for the next four weeks.

As I write, I've supplied the boat with snacks, frozen food and non-perishables.  Today I harvested mint, parsley and lettuce.  Tomorrow, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, blueberries, figs -- hope I can find enough space in the refrigerator to store them all. We head out Tuesday. 

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