To Nanaimo Then Home


In Retrospect, December 2015

I left off in the last narrative at Musket Island Marine Park, where both Ian and I had a chance to capture spectacular late summer cruising images.  I'm grateful to Ian, who shared some photography tips with me which I continue to use.  (He's a professional photographer, so it stands to reason he'd have some good tips to share.)  The evening before we left Musket Island, we celebrated Ian's birthday with a "boat-made" cake.Ian's Birthday Cake

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Heading south with Ian


In retrospect.  December, 2015Ians plane arrives in Gorge Harbour

It turns out that after that storm on Gorge Harbour, I completely dropped the ball on trip reports.  There continued to be pictures posted to Facebook, but that's it.  Now I'll make an attempt to bring the webpage up to date!

You'll recall that Mark and Fern weren't able to make their Saturday flight out of Gorge Harbour.  We assumed it was because the winds were too strong locally.  It turns out, though, that this was a massive storm up and down a wide area of the West Coast.  All Kenmore Air flights were grounded ("laked"?) in Seattle, where there were strong winds and an area-wide power outage.  Mark and Fern hiked up the hill repeatedly to get a cell signal so they could phone Kenmore Air, and were eventually told they couldn't get out until Tuesday because of the volume of passengers who had to be rescheduled.  We met Ian's plane on Sunday, and Mark and Fern talked with the pilot, who somehow managed to get them places on Monday's plane.

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Waiting out a storm in Gorge Harbour

August 29, 2015

We are in Gorge Harbor, pinned up against the dock by winds of 30 knots, regularly gusting to 40.  The highest the wind gauge has seen is 49.6 knots, this morning.wind gauge showing a gust

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Between Nelson and Hardy Islands

Lord NelsonAugust 20, 2015

Here we are, nestled between Nelson Island, and Hardy Island, adjacent to Musket Island and anchored beside the "Lord Nelson III". A maritime history aficionado's dream (that would be Craig...)

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North from Ilwaco to Thetis Island

48°37.10'N 123°02.80'W – August 17th 2015

We (Craig, Barbara, Ray and Alicia) left Ilwaco on Thursday morning and headed out past the Columbia River bar, which was a complete non-event.  We had been hoping for south wind, which actually was in the forecast for awhile, but which had disappeared by the time we actually left.  The trip up the Washington coast was uneventful - no big seas, almost no wind, almost no boats to be seen, a brief sighting of dolphins.Rounding Cape Flattery and into the sun

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Planning, packing and heading out

August 9, 201520150809-P8092078

It's always a mad scramble to get the boat loaded up, whether for a weekend, a week or a month.  This time we're heading out for more than a month.  We know there will be grocery stores, but they won't always be convenient.  We want to carry as much as we decently can, having in mind Canadian customs regulations, space considerations and weight considerations.  This involves lists, and lists of lists.  I start with lists from last year's trip, and modify them, thinking about what we have on hand, what didn't work last time, what will be the wants and needs of ourselves and our guests, and how much space we think we'll have.

Mint is a successful keeper on the boat, lasting for weeks under refrigeration and supplying many good salads and mojitos....  Here's a photo of today's mint drying after a good rinse, ready to pack away for the next four weeks.

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