Q: Where can I find descriptions of your earlier trips?

A: Check out our previous website, containing descriptions of trips to Canada, Alaska and the South Pacific.

Q: Aren't you afraid of pirates?

A: We get asked this question more than any other. Like news reports about crime in [name any city] the press coverage focuses on a tiny segment of horrifying news, seemingly ignoring all the safe and friendly places in the world. The fact is that piracy problems are primarily confined to the Horn of Africa (Somalia) and nearby Indian Ocean. There have also been a few incidents on the southern shore of the Carribean (particularly Venezuela) and in the Straits of Malacca (between Indonesia and Malaysia). We study various news sources that stay up to date on any piracy problems. We deliberately choose our cruising destinations to stay away from these trouble areas, and so, no, we're not afraid of pirates.

Q: Have you been in any bad storms?

A. Like piracy (see previous answer), we choose our destinations, and our seasons of cruising to avoid bad storms. We listen carefully to weather forecasts, download weather faxes, and study historical data about when the best or worst weather is likely to be encountered in the areas we are sailing. The worst weather we've ever encountered was off the coast of Oregon. We weren't in a storm, it was just March, and March is cold and windy on the Oregon coast. We were never in danger, only uncomfortable (cold, wet and seasick).

Q: When you are on passage, what do you do at night?

A: Keep sailing. There's nowhere to tie up and nowhere to anchor. One of us is always on watch, making sure the sails are set properly, and that there are no obvious hazards to be avoided. (A sailing friend has been known to answer this question jokingly as follows: "You know those lines on the map, vertical and horizontal? Wherever the lines cross, there's a post coming out of the water, and you can tie up for the night...")