Waste Management

Federal law requires us to state our waste management plan in writing, and to make sure all crew is familiar with it.  So, here you go --

Trash disposal plan information for crew

Discharge of sewage, hazardous substances and oil

Do not pump sewage overboard within US territorial waters, nor within 3 miles of any land. Hazardous substances and oil must never be disposed of overboard. Ask Craig how to handle hazardous substances.

Sewage from the holding tank will be disposed of at a sewage pumpout station, whenever available. Beyond the 3 mile limit, sewage may be discharged directly overboard.

Discharge of garbage and other food waste

For passages of 3 days or less or when within 12 miles of land, all garbage of any description must be placed in a plastic trash bag, compacted as much as possible, and stored for disposal ashore. At landfall, Barbara (or her designee) will remove bags of garbage and find a dumpster or other responsible disposal method ashore.

When offshore, garbage will be separated as follows: biodegradable food garbage may be thrown overboard immediately, or may be combined with paper, cans and glass for periodic disposal in a paper bag. Steel and aluminum cans will be crushed and placed in a paper bag (under galley sink) with glass and accumulated food garbage for disposal overboard. The bag should be sufficiently compacted and weighted that it will sink.

Disposal of plastics.

Plastics must never be thrown overboard. Remove or wash out any biodegradable residue. Cut plastics (except bags) into pieces. Collect all plastics in a garbage bag, under the aft head sink, compact them as much as possible, and store full bags in the anchor locker (or other location Barbara may designate) for disposal ashore upon landfall.

Applicable placards for additional information

See placards on companionway steps for information regarding plastics and oil spills.

Accidental oily discharges or diesel spills.

Advise Craig immediately.

Person in charge of the waste management plan for S/V Sequoia:

Barbara Johnston