Packing List -- Tropics

All your gear must fit in two duffel bags, or one duffel and one soft backpack. Please do not bring hard-sided suitcases.

Light weight foul weather gear (if you have it) – if not, windbreaker shell and pants.

small personal flashlight, preferably with wrist tether & extra batteries.

Waterproof watch, alarm clock

4-7 prs. underwear – preferably nylon or other synthetic

1-3 pairs shorts (preferably synthetic)

1-2 pairs long pants (lightweight synthetic)

1-2 polypropylene sweaters or pullovers.

2-3 bathing suits

2-4 prs. socks – preferably synthetic

3 lightweight short sleeve sports shirts (preferably synthetic) (cotton tee shirts are generally too warm for daytime wear in the tropics)

2 tee-shirts (for snorkeling or wearing at night)

Lightweight longsleeve shirt (for sun & bug protection.)

1 pr. deck shoes (white soles, preferably non-skid, to be used only on the boat)

1 pr. sandals, non-skid, non-marking soles (Tevas are good)

1 pr. hiking shoes for shore excursions.

2 prs. sunglasses (preferably polarized) with croakies (retainers)

extra glasses if you wear them.

1-2 sun hats with chin straps

dress clothes (for women: a modest skirt or dress; for men: slacks and nicer shirt – tropical is OK)

Money: cash, traveler’s checks and a credit card. Most ATM machines accept check cards (EFTPOS cards) with no service charge. But smaller or remote islands will have no ATM machines.

optional: paperback books to read and share; a few of your favorite CDs and/or DVDs; camera, film & batteries

toiletries & medications: toothbrush, toothpaste, lip sunblock-moisturizer, soap, moisturizer, shampoo, conditioner, Desitin, prescription drugs, comb or brush, nail clippers, tweezers, bug repellent... If you bring prescription medications, they must be in the original prescription bottle with the original label.

Optional: Mask, snorkel, fins, wetsuit, booties or aquasocks. Diving gear (if you’re certified) including certification card and log book.

For men: razor, extra blades, shaving cream

For women: tampons/sanitary pads, meds for menstrual cramps, 2-4 sports bras.

* * * * *

We will have an inflatable "Sospenders" safety harness with tether for you. We will have prescription drugs for emergencies, and routine over-the counter medications such as antihistamines, aspirins, etc. We have a good supply of sunscreen (SPF 30), as well as bed linens and towels for everyone.

* * * * *

Storage on the boat: Your foul weather gear and boots can be stored in the wet locker (shower). Other items should fit in one or two duffle bags. We will try to have a personal locker, drawer or gear hammock for everyone, but your duffle bag(s) may need to be stowed on your berth when you’re not in it.

DO NOT BRING: Expensive watches and jewelry, weapons, illegal drugs, hairdryers or any other electrical (plug-in) appliances.