San Francisco Bay

March 30, 2003

Alameda, California

Sailboat heading for the St. Francis Yacht Club
Sunrise, approaching the Golden Gate Hello all -- We came under the Golden Gate at 8:00 a.m. yesterday (Saturday morning). We didn't want to enter the bay in the dark, so we slowed way down, and fortunately the wind went away. Craig calibrated our motoring speed during the last part of the night to get us there at 8:00, and it was well worth it. We saw a beautiful sunrise, and shucked our polartec as we went under the bridge. Gorgeous views of the City, Alcatraz, a humongous cruise ship, and other sailors as we crossed the bay to Alameda.

We listened to "traffic control" on Channel 12 all the way in, but there essentially was no other traffic.  We saw a pilot boat come out and wait for some ship we never saw; we saw one fishing boat.  But that was it, until we were under the bridge.  Then the sailors started assembling at the St. Francis Yacht Club.  Traffic control had a conversation with the Alameda Yacht Club, to the effect that a race was starting there at 9:30 with 165 boats expected.  They discussed the necessary permit.  Then the Coast Guard came on to announce that 14 swimmers were swimming from Alcatraz to the St. Francis Yacht Club, and everyone should watch out.  We saw lots of boats, but no swimmers. 

Craig's Dad, Rich, and our sister in law, Marlene, were waiting for us at the marina in Alameda.  We handed them the lines, and there were were, back in civilization, looking for our shorts and tropical shirts, so we could "deal with" the 80 degree weather!  We spent a relaxed day, washed the boat, sorted our laundry, and had a nice dinner.  This morning at a very early hour, Reggie and Barbara (pictured at right) took off to return to Montana.  They were a delight to have on board.  Tomorrow, we'll be joined by Brian Abel, who will help us with some of the necessary work to get ready for the next leg.  Both he and Jim Van Gorder (below right) will sail with us to the Marquesas ‑‑ sometime next week.  Reggie Good & Barbara Bates

In the meantime, best wishes to all! 

Craig & Barbara

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Jim VanGorder