Food Questionnaire

Please download, print and fill out this form -- return it to us by email or snail mail before you arrive.


Allergies or intolerances to any foods: ______________________________________________________


Foods I dislike (please be honest and complete I hate cooking a food only to find out someone dislikes a prominent ingredient): _____________________________________________________________

My favorite dinner is: _______________________________________________________


My favorite lunch is: ________________________________________________________


My favorite breakfast is: _____________________________________________________


Favorite canned beverages: __________________________________________________


Favorite cold liquid made from powder (e.g. iced tea, lemonade, Gatorade...)_______


Favorite hot liquid, other than coffee (e.g. cocoa, bouillon, special tea...)___________

Favorite juice (e.g. pineapple, orange, tomato...) ________________________________

Do you drink milk? ________How much per day?_____ glasses. What type (skim, 2% etc.)_________________________________________________________________

What are your favorite snack foods (e.g. crackers, candy etc. )____________________