Who we are

We (Barbara and Craig) met at Cazadero Music Camp when we were 15 and 16.  We married in 1968, and have since lived in Berkeley, the Seattle area and the Portland area. As teenagers, we sailed on San Francisco Bay in Barbara's family sailboats -- first a Fleur Bleu 24, then a Lapworth 39.  In Seattle we sailed a Santana 22, then a Columbia 28 and finally an Islander Bahama 30.  After our return from the South Pacific expedition, we built a house in Oregon, near the Columbia River where Sequoia is berthed.  In the summer of 2008, we made a three month trip to British Columbia and Alaska, as far as Glacier Bay. Future cruising plans include a return to the South Pacific or farther destinations.

Craig (K7CEJ) grew up in Lafayette, California, where his Dad still lives.  From an early age Craig did weird science projects, causing rockets to go off and winning Science Fair awards.  He honed these skills at Cal Berkeley, and went on to design calibrators for the John Fluke Company. He worked at Nike, designing machines to abuse shoes and kick soccer balls, and after our return from the South Pacific, was the general contractor on our new house. Craig, on passage from San Francisco to Hiva Oa
Barbara started out life as Barbara Lockwood, and grew up in Berkeley, California. She played the cello from an early age (and still plays the cello), and went to Stanford and then Cal Berkeley in the '60s. When not cruising, she practices law in Hillsboro, Oregon with the firm of Brisbee & Stockton. There's more at Barbara's old webpage and at the Brisbee & Stockton website.



Craig and Barbara have two sons:  Ian, right, (N7DCU), born in 1972, lives in Seattle, works at Adobe as a systems administrator, rides bicycles and motorcycles, flies airplanes when he can, does technical design and stage managing for theatrical productions, plays the cello and communicates with Sequoia by way of a gigantic, perhaps visually offensive to neighbors, ham antenna.  David, left, born in 1975, is an animator for Current TV, creating political satire in the form of "Supernews."  He lives in Los Angeles,  flies kites, dances, sings, and plays gajda and guitar.   Below is a sample of David's artwork:


Barbara and Craig are both classical musicians, and that's the most important thing that draws them back to Oregon from the cruising life.  It's hard to find an orchestra out on the high seas, or on a remote desert island, not to mention the high humidity being somewhat hard on the cello, and also not to mention the storage problem of trying to take four timpani on a 44 foot boat!